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Self-propaganda is indoctrination performed by an individual or group on themselves on a micro-level. The process can negatively influence values and beliefs, crating self-righteous judgments. Without critical thought and the weighing of contradicting evidence and create form of self-deception or delusion of self-righteousness is created and reinforced by the group who all see life the same way. When a group act on beliefs together, it feeds their delusion. Listening their grip on reality.

If we venture further into the persona micro-level where people sense of reality no longer require work of self reflection to gained understand through study, school or self-directed. This is no longer required, no work needed, simply rely on feelings. Just pour self-awareness in through whatever media portal makes you feel good. You now live in a world of self-delusion in your public life and now your personal life, where this recurrence or circle of the mindless rhetoric. Even smaller circle or these limited ideas crater a babbling fool ho makes no sense outside of his their group. The only through drugs can you feel anything, under the weight of these self delusions.

Is the term self-propaganda necessary, we have bad faith, self-delusion, self-deception, or religious. These terms imply a certain understanding of a choice that is made. But with propaganda it is more like religion, requiring a belief. There’s no need for self-examination and though the idea of the individual is proclaimed.  Self-directed thought is not, apparently individuals should not think for themselves.

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