There is a certain bit of dissension under this category, as it is often used as an objectification of others as a way of classifying what they should and should not be. That said, they do represent our opinions through of a time and a place. This can certainly be seen in the fashion modelling industry, here preferences and attitudes change over time. Anyone being photographed becomes the model. Will extrudes what they think that position should be through their expressions on their face or bodies. Either to be comical, serious or, sad or happy. “Smile for the camera.” The characters in image photographer are betrays them themselves, showing the concept and ideas stuck in time. Playing with the idea in photographs of family images, historical events, and famous or not so photographers. Seeing in them something important and interesting. The fashion photo has no real author as a means to sell, it becomes part of a certain time and place. I use these as images as a starting point for my work, hopefully take the image out of time. Showing something that is behind.