The Generals

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Portrait painting by Chris Dale of three children dressed up as Generals, accentuated by gold-rimmed sunglasses matching the gold band of the caps.
Control all the that does not shine on you as they bathe in god’s radiance.

Children dressing up is one of the most common forms of the indoctrination of self propaganda. Imagining themselves through play as part of the images and ideas around them. This is not an inherently bad, creating stories for oneself is a form of learning and to better under their place. When girls are constantly encouraged to only redress up one way, made to wear dresses, cooking, cleaning and to only play dolls and babies. This story is dictated and free form of play. In the painting, children dressing up as dictators and the warlords that terrorize their land and the people. The only way they seem to take control is to become the oppressors. Through their play they show a dysfunction in the society. Because who children dress up as show us clearly what is truly going on where we live.

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