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Image for story.
Drawing of Jesus riding a dinosaur.

There is confused among people about the story of Jesus. He was in fact a dinosaur wrangler and in his time considered one of the finest. He was skilled at capturing, training, and for many was most famous as BBQ Pitmasters.

story imag
Drawing of dinosaur on a cross.

Dinosaurs had many uses at the time in agriculture for pulling plows, transportation, by far the most popular things to do with dinosaurs besides riding them was to have them on a spit ready for a barbecue.

Image for story.
Drawing Jesus and the dinosaur he is riding fall off the edge of the earth.

One day, Jesus was out riding on his favourite dinosaur. He began to show off to his friends and became over enthusiastic. Trying to impress other dinosaur riders with his stunts and went far too close to the edge of the earth and fell off. Everyone was sad about the death of such a popular man.

Image for story.
Drawing of a flat earth.

Image for story.
Drawing of pterodactyl like creative swallowing Jesus.

Image for story.
Drawing of Jesus resurrection from an egg.

Now we come to the part of the story about his resurrection where he is invested with greatness. Falling off the world has a death sentences, but a giant pterodactyl like creative was flaying by and swallowed him hole. Rather than being sent to the stomach of the beast by some amazing it must be said ‘miracle’ which art this time a concept did not exist. Rather than digested by the acids in the stomach, he was transferred into an egg. To the surprise of all the people, he was resurrected from her egg three days later to the joy of all.

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