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In preparation to write about these two USA female photographers, Vivian Maier and Diane Arbus  for their inspiration for some paintings. I realize that I had used more of Arbus than I originally remembered and had confused photographers. With all they tray to truly see crating a frank humanistic street photography. Arbus something she had to learn. Maier knew nothing else.

Diane Arbus born March 14, 1923 come from a tradition of photography in New York, as portrait photography and then later on fashion photography for advertisement. She gave this up i the 50 to focus exclusively on her own work, learning to befriending the subjects not to objectifying them, she was able to truly see. Her friend said, “the more specific you are, the more general it’ll be.” Lisette Model. From her new position as a rough photographer, she was able to expanding notions of acceptable subject, giving voice to the outsiders. By violates the canons of the appropriate distance that she had been part of justifying. She died 48 On July 26, 1971, in New York City by suicide after suffered from depressive episodes.

Vivian Maier was born February 1, 1926, in Chicago was basically unknown in photographs until after her death. Her image found in a storage container. It estimated that she took more than 150,000 photographs during her lifetime. She crated a massive volume of images that had never shown to anybody. All of them of just people she met taken without any ego involved, they were for her own pleasure. Almost a sociopathic need to capture them as if the camera was some magical thing. The act it was all she wanted. There is a special relationship that people developed towards the camera when they’re being photographed, something that is express seen only because they themselves change at that moment project image that moved here to addiction. She died of natural causes in Oak Park, Illinois, U.S.A. April 21, 2009 at the aged of 83.

The influence of these two photography is two folds. Firs, their relationship to the subject is interesting and pulls me in. Second, they’re both quite famous at this moment. This probably has more to do with the publishing companies to sell book of their work as doth dead.  They’re work jumps out  pushing an image in to my head needing  me to respond someway creatively, or it  just screams at me to get out.

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