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A friend of mine ask me why there were so many paintings of guns. Not till he mentioned this and after going through my work realize he was right. At the time, the idea was the proximity to the USA. The gun was large through moves and shows on television. All action seem to require them. As a child we used to play war mimicking the show we watched as a way to con to terms with them. These images allowed, but if a female nipple shown, the world will end. This idealization of guns, especially in the USA. This fantasy false history as parts of freedom propagating the masculine identity, a mythology of misogyny and toxic masculine. Embrace by the sad, pathetic faction as a way of creating meaning to their vacuous lives. In fact, the right to take a shit is a far more important right than to carry a gun, that is why so many keep one in the bathroom. Embracing myth that is endowed with mythology, violence that all advertisement a conception of their own hallucinatory cultural identity.

Whether my work makes some leeway into this story kicking holes showing my personal feelings, that might ooze out of my artwork.

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