Baton At Sunset

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Portrait painting by Chris Dale of police crackdown on protesters wearing black uniform with matching helmets as the sunset bathing the crowd in a yellow glow.
The batons seem to have become the preferred means of communication of governments when questioned by its citizens.

Civil disobedience is where people disobeying one’s superior. The superior hold the power, and it is maintained by their henchmen, the police. A military organization set up to protect their property, or what ever they wish for that to be defined as. Keeping it out of the hands of the poor. If you are highly successful, you might get to chop the head of the King. Unfortunately, we no longer have such clear symbols of tyranny. Now we are surrounded by the power of new Kings that can now hide, but receive the same advantages as their predecessors. To maintain their hold, have created a religion called Economics, and placed their priests to prophesy how to save from not making enough money. With their voodoo science. Now we all pray to the god of Capitalism, supporting are the new overlords.

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