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Portrait painting by Chris Dale of people wearing green Chinese uniforms, all holding the same cell phones.
The cell phone embraced like the new dogma.

Individuality through choices as form of freedom is the mantra, the loader this claims the less there really is. Choice can only be made through understand. We are all product decision are manipulated. The selection is already made for you, or you have been made for the selection. Groomed young to desire things to create happiness, a sense of completeness. Will be fine if we have all these things. If you could choose your jumpsuit color in prison or carrot or peas in the cafeteria. The money you had to have to be happy but had no bank account, so you made a withdrawal the other ways.

Freedom to make choice is something we should all fight for. It should not be used as a justification. Your dogma is not freedom or a right, it is a belief. If you believe the world is flat, by saying it is a freedom and a right will not make it true.

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