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Portrait painting by Chris Dale of a woman sitting in a chair, child in lap smoking a cigarette, wearing a fast-food uniform.
Supporting children on fast food worker wage.

Single mother service job in fast food industry. Imagine not the dream she had for her life, left alone without support. Is she a slut for having a child out of wedlock or did, but he beats her and not giving the option to abort? Caught inside the propaganda, unable to see a way out. Her body is controlled when it is convenient, but the responsibility of that control dissipates as soon as it requires support. For it to work, everyone must see the same thing and nothing outside their delusions. There cannot be another way to maintain its truth. To see something else would mean they were not the only truth.

Rather than to support this woman and her child so that they can both develop to healthy happy people, they must be ridicules and put down. To maintain their vision or righteousness, she is wrong a sinner and deserves all that she gets. Unfortunately, also being a participant in this propaganda may also believe this as her life and see no way out.

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