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Painting by Chris Dale of Dolly Parton and her big hair.
This dumb blonde, isn’t anybody’s fool, hides in plain sight. She maybe truly authentic.

Dolly Rebecca Parton, an American singer-songwriter, actress, philanthropist born 1946 in a one-room cabin, bank hills of Tennessee. To a dirt poor family of sharecropper and later a small tobacco farm. Credits her musical abilities to her mother through her Smoky Mountain folklore and ancient ballads. Earliest performances at six in church by seven, started playing a homemade guitar by eight, an uncle bought a real one. Continued singing on local radio and television in Tennessee. At ten was a guest on a radio show by 13 recording the single “Puppy Love” appearing on the Grand Ole Opry. Graduating from High School in 1964 moved to Nashville right after starting an extremely successful career.

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