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Independence Palace Phones

Row of coloured phones
Independence Palace phones

1970 pastel phones in the Palace communications room; colours represent who?

Independence Palace red chaise

Red Chairs
Red chair, Independence Palace, Vietnam.

Plush red velvet chaise in a row.

Independence Palace Dressing table

Dressing table
Zeng Xueming’s dressing table.

Zeng Xueming’s dressing table in the couple’s bedroom in Independence Palace

Independence Palace bedroom bathroom

Zeng Xueming Ho Chi Minh bathroom off their bedroom.
Independence Palace bedroom bathroom

Zeng Xueming and Ho Chi Minh’s bathroom off their bedroom

Ho Chi Minh Museum

A brave soldier with family receives soil to bring with him into battle.

The soil of one's home
Carrying the ground that you’re fighting for into battle

 French cartoon depicting the Frenchman’s standing on the heads of the Vietnamese.

Throw off your oppressor
The Civilized French stand on the heads of the Vietnamese to obtain power

An embroidery of Ho Chi Minh 

Likeness sister to cloth
Richmond embroidered into cloth

A Vietnamese person is pulling a Frenchman along in a cart.

Carrying your oppression
Carrying your colonizers around

A painting of Ho Chi Minh leaving Vietnam to learn.

The beginning of his education
young man leaves to gain knowledge

Ho Chi Minh delegate card for the international Congress, 1924

Gaining perspective
Learning and developing his ideas with others

Statue of Nguyen Minh Chau reading the paper

USA is losing
Reading about the American demise

Elders for wisdom 

Understanding what is happening
Maybe, through wisdom, we can proceed forward without making mistakes

A colour drawing of peasants asking for rights 

Demanding rights
The protest begins

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu statue marked an end to French colonial rule in Vietnam in 1954.

End to French colonial rule in Vietnam
The last battle for the French

Plaque explaining the Battle of Dien Bien Phu statue.

The last battle for the French
End to French colonial rule in Vietnam

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