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This may not be the final name of the page, put there is a cross-over in the images. I think it will be corporeal, as perverse and salacious do not seem to have the death. Have broadened the definition to include dressing or children playing macabre games. May we all celebration this festival of the dark and look at my contributions.

Disturbing images find a place that makes us uncomfortable, are desired by some and hated by others. Challenging for some their sense of proper decorum. Maybe why the older viewers become more upset became it challenges their well-developed sense of themselves and appeals to younger as this sense of self is not so well-defined not yet cemented.

Images around Halloween and horror tends to be more sensational with direct visual gore which is frightens, giving us a that rush. There is no a more subtle that draws deeper to those uncomfortable that frightening with no rush but rather a drip. Exposing that parts of our life that a hidden creating an uncomfortable feeling. Often these images are uncomfortably around sexuality, abandonment, or powerlessness.

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