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These this series of paintings inspired by the Manson family. My is through media filling in space and was not the only one,  Hollywood’s reinterpretation of the story as well.  Was idea first mine or most likely happens similar times. It was interesting when seeing the movie recognize the characters and in their interpretation the main characters did not die but saved the day, managed to kill them rather than ending up unknown for 8 years. 

The event’s horrifying. The ability of one individual to control so many. Where naive children, abused or just plain stupid. To allow one individual’s to control your senses of self. I’ve always found it’s hard to understand cult leader’s ability to manipulate people who seem to really need something to believe in outside then self.  Should they have stuck to more traditional Christian belief, which crated this need in the first place? They probably would have not found them self in the hills of Hollywood committing homicide.

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