This entertainment has a simple story that is easily understood by the audience, good versus evil. Resolving their issues through violence, a very popular and problematic concept. This form of entertainment appeals to a certain male adolescent mentality that is part of its toxic masculinity culture. This is true of all male-dominated organizations through history of glorification and subjugation through violence. Its saving grace is his own self-deprecation with over the top stereotypes. Seeing it as spectacle, suspending it from its problematic themes (Who could really take this seriously)

Watching pro wrestling was a small part of my childhood appearing on TV every Saturday afternoon where I remember occasionally watching with my father, neither of us were or are fans but enjoyed the spectacle with a smile. 

I’m focusing primarily on Canadian wrestlers right now, but will add more portraits over the next couple of months, so be sure to come back and see new ones.

I must give thanks to the podcast.  Secret life of Canada shows Why Are So Many Canadians Pro Wrestlers for pushing this idea forward to create concrete images.